The first University in the gambia with multiple master programs in medicine


There is not one university in The Gambia with a Master program in medical fields like gynecology; pediatrics; clinical genetics; neurology; psychiatry; geriatrics; general practitioner; dermatology; ophthalmology; ears, nose and throat; internal medicine; surgery and anaesthesiology.

Therefore there are not enough qualified docters. In many areas in the country there are no docters. With no Master program in these medical fields also not in 10 years and in successive generations.

End generational poverty

The first University in the Gambia in many Bachelor and Master progams

The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world with extremely poor systems that perpetuate generational poverty. When generations gain access to higher and scientific education in professional fields for which there is currently no educational program in the country, the systems that perpetuate generational poverty will be developed by the next generations.

In the Gambia there is no Master program in:

Human Rights; Politics; Education; many fields in Medicine; Biomedical Science; Social Studies; Engineering; Technology; Environment; Sustainability; Maritime or Infrastructure.

In many fields for example like Social Studies, Maritime, Infrastructure, Environment or Sustainability there is no education at all.

End Generational Poverty

Shared Humanity is dedicated to end generational poverty in counrties in extreme poverty. Shared Humanity builds strong institutions and improves human rights.